Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pinewood Derby 2016

Last night was our wards pinewood derby for the cub scouts. This was Matt's first year, he was so excited about it. His dad and him have been working on the car for the last couple of weeks.
We are thankful for a wonderful neighbor Tom ,that helped us get the car cutout and sanded in his shop. Then Delwyn started trying to get weight off the car by drilling holes in the back and bottom. At one point we thought he had ruined the car but it turned out alright.
We helped him get it painted and the stickers put on, then came the hardest part getting the right amount of weights added back to the car.
At the derby they did 5 heats with 5-6 cars in each race. Matt's car came in 2nd in the first race and I was excited for him. Then it became funny when he came in 2nd in each of the remaining races but 1, and that race he came in first.
When the derby was over Matt ended up in 2nd place and got a trophy for it. He was so excited and wanted to share it with his grandparents, that he called them when he got home. He wanted to thank Tom and share it with him also, but he had to wait until today when he got home from school.
 Matt with his car and trophy.

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